Pet Rinse Repeat


Hourly pricing structure table

Ruff Hourly Timing/Pricing

Duration Estimate

Salon Price Range

Mobile Price Range

All prices are calculated based on hands on working time, not total time at the salon. Timers are kept to track time and will be stopped/started if your pup is not being worked on or is being kenneled for any reason.

All haircuts will be charged hourly pricing with an hour minimum. Anything over 1 hour will be calculated in 15 min increments. 15 min increments are calculated by taking the hourly grooming price divided by 4. (Ex. 80/4 = 20. 15 min = $20)🐾

*Deshed Breeds- your groomer holds the right to determine what size category your Bestie falls under.

Pet Rinse Repeat - Pet grooming SPA

Your Bestie is Our Bestie! That’s how Fuuuuuriends come together, right! We got your Besties grooming needs on point so your Bestie doesn’t become your Beastie!

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